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Case Studies

Streamline Compliance and Boost Efficiency with Pixie: A Success Story

A Pixie success story of how Michelle Morris ensured her ICAEW review was a smooth as possible

Best Practices

How we onboard our team at Pixie

Your team members are the foundation of your firm’s success, so it pays to have an amazing onboarding process. Take a peek inside Pixie’s own...

Best Practices

How to Onboard a Remote Team

Remote team onboarding can be challenging. Reduced opportunities for in-person collaboration training can slow down the process — if it isn’t...

Best Practices

Should You Automate Client Communication?

Automating communication supports efficiency and consistency, but can it feel cold? We debate the case for and against automating client...


Accountex is très cool

Accountex 2018 went down last week at the Excel in London. Titled the largest UK conference for the accountancy sector, it attracted the attention of...

Best Practices

Niche is not an ugly word

A core component of marketing an accountancy firm is figuring out which clients to pursue. I think it's worthwhile investing the time to give this a...

Best Practices

A Beginners Guide To Zapier For Accountants

Discover the ultimate beginner's guide to using Zapier for accountants and bookkeepers. Dive into automation features, integration examples, and best...

Best Practices

Choosing KPIs for your accountancy practice

One of the most critical actions we take as business owners is choosing the right KPIs for the stage of our business. For best results consider...

Best Practices

A beginner's guide to video for accountants

It’s hard not to see why video is so popular these days… It’s everywhere. From the way we consume content on social media, to how we communicate with...


5 ways to reduce email overwhelm with Pixie

Email is one of the biggest productivity killers for business owners... And accountants are no different. Despite all the innovative and unique means...


Task management just got easier

We know that getting started with a new practice management app can take time. You have to import and set up all of your clients, and then set up the...


Internal deadlines now live in Pixie

We know how important external deadlines are for accounting and bookkeeping firms... If you miss them, it can be costly to both you and your clients.

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