CRM Software for Accountants & CPA firms

Pixie's accounting client management software gives firms one central place to manage all of their client relationships and communications.

Manage all of your client and prospect relationships in one place.

Pixie offers smaller firms a lean platform for building client relationships and managing prospects, without the risk of being swamped by additional and unnecessary features.

Our dedicated accounting client management software lets you see all of your clients' emails, files, tasks, deadlines and other key information in Pixie. It's a single source of truth for all of the client information in your accounting or bookkeeping firm.

Use automation and integration to update client records

Pixie’s CRM can be integrated with Companies House for efficient client management. Directly import all the data you need, including contact details and incorporated and statement dates.

All of your emails and files will be automatically saved to your client records, right where you need them. Our software makes it quick and easy to add notes and other important information for others to see too.

Auto-updated client records | Pixie
Unlimited custom fields | Pixie

Make client data management scalable and accessible

Pixie is a centralised, cloud-based hub that offers full visibility of relevant files, ongoing tasks and deadlines. This reduces the risk of siloed data for more efficient practice management.

Use unlimited custom fields to tailor client records to meet your exact requirements. Add key dates, passwords, reference numbers – you name it, our accounting client management software can do it for you.

Assign client tasks and complete multiple actions in bulk

Bulk actions allow you to send emails, start tasks, change custom fields and schedule workflows for multiple clients at once.

No more wasting time chasing information – just assign a checklist and set up auto-reminders to prompt your client until you get the details you need!

Assign tasks and checklists to your clients to complete | Pixie