Dedicated Accounting Workflow Management Software

Increase productivity and consistency with flexible workflows.

Designed to suit your
unique workflow requirements

Pixie's accounting workflow management software comes with many preset templates for firms in the UK & USA. All you need to do is make them your own!

Automate and integrate your firm’s task management

As with other elements of the Pixie platform, you can use automation with our workflow management software. If you do, all of your recurring to-do's will be created automatically - define when you want the workflows to recur and let Pixie do the rest.

Pixie can also be integrated with platforms such as Companies House and Xama AML, importing data to create an end-to-end dashboard for delegating, managing and completing tasks.

Automatic task creation | Pixie
Custom date triggers | Pixie

Create in-depth processes with custom date triggers

Turn your workflows into detailed processes by adding instructions, checklists, images, links and even embedded training videos.

Workflows can be set to start on fixed dates or a specific day of a week or month. You can customise them to work the way you want to work.

Increase productivity and enhance communication

Pixie’s streamlined approach to workflow management will save time while maintaining consistently high standards. This allows you to focus on increasing value wherever possible.

Your employees can use Pixie to collaborate on projects, with internal notifications so everyone knows when tasks have been completed.

Increase productivity and consistency | Pixie
Save time with automated emails | Pixie

Save time with automated emails

Add email templates into your workflows to save time. Emails can be set to send automatically or manually to give you more control.

Manage job stages with internal deadlines

Internal deadlines can be added to workflows to create stages for tasks to be actioned. These give you control over when you want work to be completed.

Pixie includes real-time status updates, giving you full visibility on ongoing work while helping you identify bottlenecks and ensure accountability.

Manage job stages with internal deadlines | Pixie