Document E-signing

Reduce manual admin and streamline your workflows with Pixie's integrated document e-signing.

Document E-signing | Pixie

Using Pixie's integrated e-signing allows you to create connected, streamlined, and automated workflows for requesting and tracking e-signature requests to your clients. This not only speeds up the process but also gives you visibility over everything in one place.

Streamline document signing requests

Standardise how you and your team request documents to be signed by adding e-signature requests to your workflow templates.

Streamline document signing requests | Pixie
Save time with automated chasing | Pixie

Save time with automated chasing

No more spending time chasing clients for outstanding documents. Configure auto-reminders in Pixie, sit back and watch the signed documents roll in.

Meet the strictest security requirements

Turn your workflows into detailed processes by adding instructions, checklists, images, links, and even embed training videos.

Strictest security requirements | Pixie

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