Client Management software for accountants

Accountancy client management platforms let you assign tasks and checklists to your clients to send you missing information.

Our platform is easy to scale and customise, allowing firms to adapt records wherever possible and accommodate a growing roster of clients.

Client Task | Pixie

Accountancy client management means no more chasing for missing information

Assign tasks and checklists directly to your clients, and set up automatic reminders
to keep your task in the client's mind until complete.

Client records are automatically updated with emails, files and data from Companies House.
This ensures records remain up to date with all the latest information
and creates a single source of truth for employees.

Create tasks and checklists for your clients

Need to request a lot of info at once? Whether it's onboarding new clients or sending them your tax return checklist, you can use client tasks for many different things.

Create tasks and checklists for your clients | Pixie
Set up automatic reminders | Pixie

Set up automatic reminders

Our platform also lets you set up automatic emails to remind your clients to complete the task. All you need to do is choose the frequency and hit send!

By using automatic reminders and recurring client tasks, you can remain ahead of compliance deadlines whilst removing the need for unnecessary admin.

Answer their questions with real-time chat

We're all about reducing email overwhelm. That's why there's a real-time chat box available on the client for them to ask questions. When they do, you'll receive a notification in Pixie.

Answer their questions with real-time chat | Pixie