Practice management software that organises your day for you

Accountants and Bookkeepers, tired of playing catch up?

In just a few clicks, Pixie takes control of your inbox and client deadlines, saving you time and helping you get organised.

Pixie Laptop practice management software for accountants

You take care of your clients' businesses, and we'll take care of yours

Pixie has all the features you need to manage your accounting or bookkeeping firm without the long setups and steep learning curves.

In just a few clicks, you'll gain complete control with our easy to use CRM, email automation, customisable workflows, two-way email synchronisation and much more! Pixie saves you time from the start so you can focus on delivering a great service to your clients.

Taking the pressure off your shoulders

Email synchronisation

No more digging for misplaced emails with 2-way email sync

Email sync automatically logs all client communication to the correct task, so you’ll never let an important message slip through again.

Task management

Feel in control with real-time job management

Pixie manages the scheduling of work so you don't have to. Easily see what's in progress, what's overdue, and what’s in the diary for the day ahead.

Clients Mana

A single source of data for all of your clients

Get instant answers to queries and questions. Email history, internal notes, files and jobs all in one single place.

Increased productivity. Greater visibility. More control.

Pixie was designed to help you run your small accounting or bookkeeping firm as smoothly as possible. No more playing catch up. Pixie organises, delegates and manages client work for you and your team.

Automated email reminders

Save time and hassle with automated email reminders. Easily personalise them to strengthen client relationships.

Delegation and time management

Time management

Give your urgent priorities the attention they need. Make better use of your time by snoozing or delegating tasks that can wait.


Fully-customisable workflows

Use ready-made workflows or edit them to meet your needs. Your team will always know what needs to be done, and when to do it.

Deadline tracking

Deadline tracking

No more worrying about missing client deadlines. Simply filter jobs to list your deadlines for the weeks ahead.

Team management

Team management

Stop chasing your team for answers. Find out what your team has been working on, what’s overdue, and what’s coming up.


Auto-attachment tracking

Pixie automatically links your files to the correct client and job number to find the file you need within seconds.

Zapier integration

Integrate with thousands of other apps

Pixie uses Zapier to seamlessly connect with all of your favourite apps including Xero, Quickbooks, Practice Ignition & many others, allowing you to become a truly digital firm.

GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant

Files are kept secure, the right way, keeping you compliant with GDPR. Clients receive email notifications to view URLs and emails contain secure text messages plus unique codes to access documents.

Common questions

What is Pixie?

Pixie is a cloud-based Practice Management tool made for small accountancy and bookkeeping firms. Now you can track every client, task, and status to improve client relationships, take control and save time.

How much time do I need to spend setting up Pixie?

From “none” to “as much as you’d like.'' Pixie was designed to get you started quickly. Once you connect Pixie to your inbox, you can create clients and jobs based on those emails. As you get more comfortable with the platform, you can explore our automations, customise templates, etc.

How is Pixie different from other accounting practice management software?

Small firms often get swamped by practice management software providers. But Pixie was created exclusively for small accountancy and bookkeeping firms, delivering all that’s needed without any unnecessary fluff. Backed by a team fully committed to delivering a premium experience, Pixie offers a lean package to help you strike the perfect work-life balance.

Will I need to manage a list of hundreds of tasks?

Definitely not! By default Pixie focuses on the tasks that require your attention today. All else is hidden away from view. You can always expand the time horizon and see what’s in your pipeline.

How much will Pixie cost me?

As you have noticed by now, we like to keep things simple. Pixie has a flat-fee for everyone, no matter how many clients or staff you have. There are no additional fees or hidden costs.

What kind of support is offered?

It’s our goal to ensure Pixie helps you succeed. Our assistance ranges from extensive documentation that you can follow at your own pace, to chat or email support. If you feel you need something, write to us via

Get everything you need from one easy-to-use package

From client onboarding, to important reminders, Pixie helps you to manage long-lasting client relationships, completely hassle-free.
  • Save time
  • Gain control
  • Secure your data
  • Delight customers
  • Get organised
  • Improve team visability

Get it all for one fixed monthly fee of £49 per month, no matter how many customers or staff you have!

Effortless practice management software that saves you time, gives you control and helps get you organised

Join the firms getting more done in less time with Pixie.

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