Accounting Automation

Use some simple automation in Pixie to save time and put your practice management on autopilot.

Accounting Automation | Pixie

Simple accounting automations that save time

Pixie is packed full of simple, time-saving automations – from sending out reminders to clients, to filing emails, to creating task lists – our platform can do all of that and plenty more besides!

Automatic client reminders

Add auto-email templates into your workflows to save time. Use them to remind clients to upload information, or to ask for feedback once a job has finished.

Automatic client reminders | Pixie
Automatic task creation | Pixie

Automatic task creation

You can use Pixie's accounting automation functionalities to auto-generate all of your recurring to-do lists too. Simply define when you want the workflows to recur, and let Pixie do the rest.

Auto-updated client records

All of your emails and files will be automatically saved to your client records, right where you need them. Our platform lets you easily add notes and other important information for other to see.

Auto-updated client records | Pixie