Automatic Client Reminders

Automated email reminders let you request information from your clients or remind them to complete tasks automatically.

Automatic Client Reminders | Pixie

Save time and automated email reminders for clients

Stop wasting hours sending reminder emails to clients and let Pixie do it for you. Whether it's requesting information, reminding them about a payment or requesting feedback, we'll take care of it for you.

Automate your information requests

No more manually requesting information. Build an email template into your workflow and when it's due Pixie can send it for you using automation.

Automate your information requests | Pixie
Let them know when jobs have started, and ended | Pixie

Let them know when jobs have started, and ended

Proactive communication goes a long way. Set up automated emails to let clients know when you're starting jobs and when you've finished them.

Automate your feedback requests

Feedback and reviews and important for your growth. Set up some simple automated emails at the end of your workflows to request feedback once jobs have been finished.

Automate your feedback requests | Pixie