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Overcoming Remote Team Communication Barriers with Pixie's Accounting Practice Management Software

Discover how Pixie's accounting software helps remote teams overcome communication barriers. Streamline collaboration, improve efficiency, and enhance productivity with powerful features and intuitive interfaces.

  • Are things getting missed in your accounting practice team? Mix-ups happening? Not everyone is across how things have changed for a client and what needs to get done? Here’s how to fix that with clever accounting software.

So, you have great staff. They are super clever and skilled. The thing is, they live and work from the far reaches of the world. 

Yes, remote working is the way of things now for many. Among the biggest problems with keeping the team engaged with each other. Knowing what each is doing. Handing over work to each other with miscommunication or even no communication.

Accounting practice management software can go a long way to getting these issues under control. 

Here we’ll help you see:

  • Where problems in teamwork happen in an accounting firm.
  • How accounting practice management software like Pixie fixes it.

Where teamwork can fall with remote workplace 

Coordinating Workflows

Keeping the whole team across the deadlines and understanding where each person fits into the puzzle. The accounting practice software helps give that visibility and reduce the number of check-ins to identify any bottlenecks or potential issues early on.

Reviewing Work

Quality control insists some work has two hands on it to check accuracy. What’s an easy way to provide constructive feedback, ensure compliance with accounting standards and regulations? Accounting practice management software can streamline this by allowing notes and comments to be made on work. 

Communication and Collaboration

From brainstorming and approach to a client problem to looking over others work as a handover for the next step in the process, accounting practice software can make these things easier when it comes to remote working.

Client Communication

It’s helpful if the team can update on the status of work quickly and explain the amount of time it takes to deliver on the project. This helps cost those jobs effectively, allocate work based on capacity and update clients quickly. Software for accountants can help with just this sort of thing, with complete visibility of tasks and the time they take all in one place

Time Management and Prioritisation

It’s all about juggling multiple client accounts simultaneously, each with its own deadlines and deliverables. How can you see workloads easily and direct staff better to manage time, set priorities, and ensure that tasks are completed in a timely manner? With new accounting practice software, balancing workload and allocating resources effectively across different client accounts can be made so much easier.

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How to fix these problems with accounting practice management software

To address these challenges, accounting firms can leverage technology solutions like accounting practice management software, such as Pixie, which streamline workflows, centralise communication, and provide real-time visibility into tasks and progress. 

Pixie accounting practice management software can play a significant role in overcoming the challenges associated with team management and collaboration in an accounting firm. 

Here's how Pixie can make it easier:

  • Centralised Communication. Pixie provides a centralised platform for communication, allowing team members from different roles and departments to collaborate effectively. It eliminates the need for scattered email threads or disjointed conversations across various channels. Everyone can access client-related discussions, updates, and information in one place, ensuring clear and streamlined communication.

  • Task Assignment and Tracking. With Pixie, you can assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress in real-time. Everyone becomes aware of their responsibilities. Team members can easily see their assigned tasks, provide updates, and track the progress of their work. Managers can monitor the status of tasks and identify any potential bottlenecks or delays

  • Document and File Sharing. Pixie allows for seamless document and file sharing among team members. Instead of relying on emails or external file-sharing platforms, all relevant files can be stored and accessed within the software. This ensures that everyone is working with the latest versions of documents, reducing the risk of miscommunication or errors caused by outdated information.

  • Resource Allocation and Workload Balancing. Pixie provides insights into resource allocation and workload balancing. Managers can see the workload of individual team members and allocate tasks based on that ensuring a balanced distribution of work. This feature helps prevent overburdening or underutilized resources, optimising productivity and promoting a healthier work-life balance.

  • Reporting and Analytics. Pixie's reporting and analytics capabilities provide valuable insights into team performance, task completion rates, and time spent on client work. Managers can generate customised reports to analyse key metrics, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions. These insights facilitate informed discussions with team members, allowing for constructive feedback and performance evaluations.

  • Integration with Accounting Systems. Pixie integrates with accounting software. That just makes everything that much easier. This integration eliminates the need for double handling. Easy click-trus can connect tasks to outcomes. It also helps keep information up-to-date across all platforms, improving accuracy and efficiency.

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