Streamline your workflows with Pixie's integrated document e-signing

Discover how Pixie's new integrated e-signing allows you to create connected, streamlined, and automated workflows for requesting and tracking e-signature requests to your clients.

The days of printing, posting, and scanning documents are quickly disappearing, with e-signatures becoming common practice for accounting & bookkeeping firms.

Although standalone e-signing apps remove some friction of getting documents signed, it still leads to disconnected workflows. More so when signature requests, tasks, and client information exist in different systems.

Our new e-signing helps you streamline and speed up document signing right from within your core workflow platform.

Introducing our new integrated document e-signing

Now you can request e-signatures from Pixie just as easily as you would send a secure file or an email. See just how simple it is in the video below.

Here are some common use-cases for when you would use this:

  • Sending letters of engagement to be signed by new clients
  • Sending completed tax returns to be approved and signed
  • Sending completed accounts to be approved and signed

The benefits of bringing e-signing into Pixie

Bringing e-signing into Pixie allows you to create connected, streamlined, and automated workflows for requesting and tracking e-signature requests to your clients. This not only speeds up the process but also gives you visibility over everything in one place.

Here's what you're able to do:

Streamline document signing requests
Standardise how you and your team request documents to be signed by adding e-signature requests to your workflow templates.

Request multiple signees
Send a document once to multiple signees and easily keep track of who's signed it, and who is still outstanding.

Save time with automated chasing
No more spending time chasing clients for outstanding documents. Configure auto-reminders in Pixie, sit back and watch the signed documents roll in.

Easily find signed documents
Signed documents are auto-saved to the client's record and to the task in Pixie making it quick and easy for you to find them.

Meet the strictest security requirements
Our document e-signing meets the strictest security and authentication requirements in the United States, as well as eIDAS regulations in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Get started today!

Document e-signing is an add-on to the base subscription, priced at £39/month for 50 signatures. We can provide a custom quote if you need more signatures than this.

Existing customers can activate the add-on today by visiting your Billing settings and installing the add-on.

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