How Lagom Finance supports women in business

How Lagom Finance supports women in business

Ahead of International Women’s Day, we thought - who better to speak to than a business that's run by women, for women?

We reached out to Rebecca and Daisy at Lagom Finance to find out a bit more about their ethos around supporting female business owners, and what International Women’s Day means to them.

When I contacted Rebecca and Daisy to find out whether they’d be open to speaking with me about this, I received auto-replies on both of their emails to say that Rebecca is on Maternity Leave and Daisy is on Annual Leave, but to my surprise, both of them got back to me anyway and were more than happy to share their insights - if that alone doesn’t show you they’re passionate about this topic, I don’t know what will:

Here at Lagom Finance, we are huge supporters of International Women's Day.

We pride ourselves on helping strong female business owners feel empowered and confident when dealing with the numbers side of things.
Finance has often been perceived as being a bit of a male-led industry and it can be quite daunting for female owners to contact a male-dominated accountancy firm for advice.
Lagom Finance was created with this in mind and with the intention of making our clients feel like we are an extension of their business with no fear of asking us for help and advice.

Our founder Becki is the definition of a strong female business owner, building our incredible firm all by herself.

She has actually just had a beautiful baby girl so International Women's Day is even more poignant to her this year. She is overwhelmingly happy to meet her daughter and is pleased to have built a business that works around her new little family whilst providing them with a good lifestyle.
Becki hasn't just created a firm that supports strong female clients but our whole team are also female. Most of us have children and Lagom is an amazing place to work offering incredible flexibility and support for us working mums.

For me, International Women's Day is about empowerment. I personally am extremely proud to work for a firm that enables me to pursue my career whilst also looking after my children and whose ethos is based around supporting women in business.

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