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Stop doing admin work to keep your CRM tidy

The smart email management in Pixie helps you get rid of menial tasks. Let it automatically prioritise and link your email to the right clients and tasks.
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Automatic prioritisation

Pixie helps you focus on what’s important: your clients. As emails come in, Pixie filters the ones from your clients and puts them in a Priority inbox, making them easier to find and respond.
Automatic email prioritisation in CRM for accountants

Smart logging

Important emails shouldn’t get lost in some inbox. Pixie tracks all job-related correspondence. With no additional effort from you, emails are logged in the right jobs. Even future responses or emails sent outside of Pixie.
Email logging in CRM for accountants

Get things done!

Apply the Four Ds of Productivity on your email inbox. Take action by replying directly from your Pixie inbox. You can also create a task to handle something later. Or delegate an email to a team member.
Manage and delegate emails directly from the CRM for accountants

Secure documents and stay GDPR compliant.

Attachments you send through Pixie are automatically secured, and clients can send you documents securely. All without the hassle of maintaining a separate document portal.
Stay GDPR compliant with the secure files in the CRM for accountants

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Common questions

Which email providers does Pixie support?

We have found GSuite (Google) and Microsoft Office365 provide the most robust and safest experience, and this is what Pixie connects with. If you'd like to move away from another email provider, just let us know. We will connect you with a Pixie integration partner to make the migration seamless.

Can I manage all my email within Pixie?

Absolutely! Anything you normally do with email, like replying, forwarding, composing new emails, etc. can be done directly from  Pixie.

Do I need to manually log emails sent with my iPhone/Android?

Not necessary. Pixie also tracks email you send using other email apps, ensuring they are logged in the right clients and jobs.

How often is email synchronised?

Pixie automatically keeps your inbox in sync. When an email is received, it appears instantly in Pixie.

Can I delegate emails?

Yes! When you don’t have the time to handle an email you can delegate it to a team member. Your email will show on their Priority inbox, guaranteeing it gets their attention.

Can I personalise my email signature?

You sure can! Add your firm’s logo, certification badges, or a disclaimer. Personalising your email signature is easy and it’ll be included in every email sent through Pixie.

Does every email need to be written from scratch?

Save time by adding predefined emails to Pixie's job templates. This also has the benefit of ensuring your firm’s communications are always clear and high quality.