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Access 4 hands-on, practical training workshops where you'll spend time learning and implementing essential systems and workflows for your firm including:

  • Marketing systems technology for attracting your ideal clients
  • The Effective Sales System™ and how to price your clients profitably
  • How to streamline your onboarding process (including how to automate your AML compliance)
  • Must-have systems you need to deliver timely and practical advisory services to your clients

Learn the essential systems you need to convert, onboard and retain your ideal clients

Getting the right systems in place for your firm is important. It takes some of the pressure off you and your team and frees up time for you to focus on delivering a quality service. But finding the time to work on them can often be difficult when running a small firm...

You can now access to watch on catch-up 4 hands-on, practical training workshops where you'll learn some of the essential systems you need in place to manage your clients all the way from marketing through to service delivery.

In each recording, you'll receive done-for-you systems and free workflow templates that you can start to use in your firm right away.


Marketing systems

What systems do you need to attract clients? What systems do you need to convert prospects into leads? What technology can you use to help save time and put this on autopilot?

Join us in this session where Amanda C. Watts will share with you:
  • The tools that we and our clients use every day to put marketing on autopilot

  • The exact systems you need in place to get clients on demand

  • The processes you need to stay in touch with your prospects and close 85% more opportunities

BONUS - In this session you'll receive a free workflow template for writing and sharing conversion content for social media.


Pricing sales systems


What systems do you need to profitably and consistently price your clients? What sales systems do you need to get them to say yes without any buyers remorse?

Join us in this session where James Ashford will share with you:

  • Why you think selling is bad

  • The real reason clients say 'no' (spoiler alert - it has nothing to do with money)

  • The 7 distinct phases of The Effortless Sales System™

BONUS - In this session you'll receive a free workflow template for James's Effortless Sales System™ including email templates and sample scripts for calls..


Onboarding systems

You've done the hard work of winning a client, now what? How do you get them set up and fully onboarded in to your systems? How can you automate some of the time consuming tasks like AML checks and data collection?

In this session with Jordan Vickery and Jacques Malan, you'll learn:
  • Why streamlining your onboarding process not only saves you time, but also WOWs your new clients with a slick experience

  • How to automate your onboarding process end-to-end from proposal acceptance in GoProposal to AML automation in Xama

  • Other useful Zaps and Apps you can connect to your onboarding process to streamline it even further!

BONUS - In this session you'll receive a free Xama/Zapier implementation as well as £15 worth of free AML credit.


Advisory systems

Accounting was always moving toward better advisory services, and the last 12 months just sealed the deal. But what systems and processes are best suited to delivering them? And how do you use clients’ past financial data to forecast the future?

In this session with Fathom's Darren Glanville, you'll learn:

  • Cadence is king: how to have regular meetings with clients about what really matters
  • Here comes the future: how to use Forecasting to model out options
  • The road ahead: why all businesses need a roadmap
  • Expect the unexpected: how to help clients when the worst happens

BONUS - In this session you'll receive free Fathom workflow templates including email templates

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Access the recordings and bonus workflow templates

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