Tired of constantly playing catch up?

Pixie makes it easy for you to prioritise your work, manage your time, and track client deadlines.

Start your day with a clear plan

No more opening your inbox, dealing with urgent emails and spending the rest of the day playing catch up. 

Pixie automatically logs your emails for you and creates you a ready-made plan of what you need to do today, what's overdue and what's coming up. 
Auto-scheduled tasks in the practice management software for accountants

Everything you need in one single place

Going forward you will find job-related files and emails right where you need them: alongside its tasks and checklists. Pixie tracks them for you, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.
Single source of information in the practice management software for accountants

Impress your clients with exceptional service

Pixie lets you stay ahead of deadlines by setting up recurring jobs. Use our ready-made templates or fine-tune them to meet your needs.

Checklists in jobs make it clear about what comes next and automatic emails let you notify clients with a personal touch. Your clients will appreciate knowing what is going on.
Standard processes in the practice management software for accountants.

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Common questions

How much time do I need to spend setting up Pixie?

From “none” to “as much as you’d like.'' Pixie was designed to get you started quickly. Once you connect Pixie to your inbox, you can create clients and jobs based on those emails. As you get more comfortable with the platform, you can explore our automations, customise templates, etc.

How can I create jobs in Pixie?

There are a couple of ways to create jobs in Pixie. You can create jobs manually, such as when you need to complete a service or deal with an email request. Pixie also lets you schedule recurring jobs, such as payroll, etc. Once a recurring job is scheduled Pixie will create those jobs automatically.

Will I need to manage a list of hundreds of tasks?

Definitely not! By default Pixie focuses on the tasks that require your immediate attention today. All else is hidden away from view. You can always expand the time horizon and see what’s in your pipeline.

Can I change deadlines in jobs?

Yes. Pixie’s default behaviour is to calculate a deadline based on the duration of a task or a job. You can always change it, or simply put the job on snooze for another time.

Is there a way for the team to collaborate on jobs?

Yes. When defining templates you can set the default assignee. For example, have your most experienced payroll person look after all payroll-related jobs. Ongoing jobs can always be reassigned or delegated to another team member.