Assign tasks and checklists to your clients in Pixie

February 21, 2021

Chasing clients for missing information is a real pain...

  • It takes time - and you need to remember to keep chasing
  • Often they're not sure what they need to do or where they need to look for the information
  • And any questions they have can get buried in your emails

Here at Pixie, we've been working hard to make chasing information as easy as possible for our customers, which is why we're delighted to launch our all-new client tasks feature.

Now in Pixie, you have the ability to assign tasks and checklists directly to your clients. 

This means that when you're requesting missing information for jobs, or setting up your tax return checklists, your clients can easily see what they need to send, and by when they need to send it.

You can embed loom videos on these tasks to explain where they need to look and what they need to do, and use the auto-reminder feature to set a frequency for reminders to be sent to your client until they complete it. 

Not only that, we've also added a real-time chat function in there so that if there's anything your clients are unsure about, they can simply send you a chat message so that you and your team have full visibility over the conversation taking place.

Some great use cases for this are:

  • Onboarding checklist for new clients
  • Year-end checklist for info needed 
  • Tax return checklist for additional info

Here is a video explaining how the new client tasks feature works:

For existing Pixie customers, this is now live in your account. If you have any questions about how it works, please contact us using the in-app support.

And if you're not yet a Pixie customer, but want to see the new client tasks in action, then start a free trial here or book a demo with one of the team to find out more.

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