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Easy-to-use practice management software that lets you keep track of your tasks, clients, emails & workflows in one place.

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Pixie - practice management software for accountants & bookkeepers

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Kimberley Erick

Kimberley Erick

Home Time
Business Services
There are so many great features that reduced the number of apps I use. I love the email integration, task management, but most importantly the CRM.
Ben Case

Ben Case

Decimal+ Accountancy
It's very easy for new users to get to grips with. The client tasks feature allows interaction with clients without constant emails back and forth.
Tracy Baker

Tracy Baker

Your Vegan Bookkeeper
The most impactful thing about Pixie is the ease with which you can set it up. Super user friendly and you can be up and running with the software within an hour.
Kieran Phelan

Kieran Phelan

Cloud 360 Accounting
The ability to build our own processes fairly easily within the app was crucial and Pixie hit the mark. It's the slickest practice management app on the market.

Simple, flexible, and easy-to-use

Everything in one place

Using multiple apps to manage your emails, tasks, files and clients can be time-consuming and difficult to keep track. With Pixie, we bring all of those together in one place. It's your single source of truth for everything work-related.

Easily stay up-to-date

Managing a small team and their workload can be hard work! With Pixie, you can easily see what your team members are working on, what's coming up and what's overdue. You have full visibility over everything in seconds.

Get started, fast!

Nobody wants to spend weeks or months trying to set up software and never making the most of it. With a library of ready-made workflow templates, onboarding training & support, we're here to help you get started, fast!

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30-day free trial. No credit card required.

How Pixie helps you to save time and take control

Never miss a deadline

Have you ever had that sinking feeling where you think that you've forgotten to do something for a client? Pixie automatically creates and allocates tasks as and when they fall due so that you don't have to worry about them. Ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
Task management for accountants and bookkeepers
Email management for accountants and bookkeepers

No more email overwhelm

Keeping up with the constant stream of emails from clients is a huge time drain for you and your team. With Pixie, your emails will be prioritised & filed automatically, and you can turn them into tasks, allowing you to spend less time in your inbox and more time getting focused work done.

Increase productivity and consistency

Manual workflows limit your productivity and make it hard to keep track of jobs. In Pixie, you can build simple, flexible workflows so that you and your team always know what's been done and what's next. Take it one step further and put your firm on autopilot with auto-email reminders.
Workflow management for accountants and bookkeepers
CRM for accountants and bookkeepers

One place to manage your client relationships

When your clients' emails, files, deadlines and key contact information is spread across multiple apps, it's hard & time-consuming to keep track. With Pixie, everything you need to manage your client relationships is in one place, helping you deliver a better client experience.

Easily manage your team's workload

Chasing your team for updates and figuring out who is working on what is time-consuming and overwhelming. With Pixie, you can easily keep track of what tasks your team are working on so that you can manage their capacity and plan ahead.
Team management for accountants and bookkeepers
Try Pixie for free. Get started in minutes
30-day free trial. No credit card required.

"Pixie is the first tab I open in the morning and the last tab that I close at night"

Before Pixie, there was lots of confusion in the team around workflow and knowing what stage a specific job was at. It was also challenging to know which team member was working on which project.

Since implementing Pixie, our team now has much clearer definitions of their role in any given project. We know exactly what the process looks like from step A to Z, and we have our own internal deadlines that we’re now working towards.

One of the biggest outcomes has been improving our work-life balance. When I finish work and go upstairs to play games with my kids or tuck them into bed, I’m no longer half there and half thinking about what I’ve missed at work. I know that when I wake up first thing and open my first tab, Pixie will tell me exactly what I need to do.

- Jessica Farmer & Elizabeth Bergen, Foray Business Group
Jessica Farmer - Foray Business Group

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