Work-Life Balance & Mental Health Series - Ep 3: John Young

Work-Life Balance & Mental Health Series Episode 3 In the 3rd episode of our Work-life balance and mental health mini-series, we're joined by the Founder of Abacus Hive, John Young.

In this interview, John (who runs a 100% remote firm) shares some of his thoughts on what work-life balance means to him, and how he looks after the mental health of himself and his remote team.

Some of the highlights include:

  • John's special tip for avoiding notification anxiety when you first look at your phone in the morning 
  • How to schedule blocks of time in your diary to make sure that you have regular down time
  • Why not sending Slack messages in the evenings and on weekends has helped to stop John's team from being 'always on' 
  • Why recognising that perfection doesn't exist is key to managing your personal anxiety

Check it out below!


Do you want to share your experiences of managing work-life balance and mental health? We'd love to speak to you! Please email jordan at to arrange a chat. 

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