Welcoming Artur to team Pixie!

Welcoming Artur to team Pixie!

I'm delighted to welcome Artur as Pixie's new Chief Technical Officer. His background in artificial intelligence, raw intellect and technical acumen make him a valuable addition to our team.

The timing of his arrival is perfect as we are all evaluating what opportunities may be created by the OpenAI team's work, as so well exemplified by ChatGPT.

As we keep the short-term focus on a significant update to our platform, Artur's expertise in this domain will be instrumental in helping design our long-term roadmap and continue to innovate and deliver even more value to our users.

With Artur joining, we also kick off the setting up of our Lisbon office and are actively looking for senior engineers and product/design to join as founding members of our product team. With his guidance and leadership, we will be able to continue building a world-class team that will help us achieve even greater success.

I am looking forward to working with you and seeing the amazing things that we will accomplish together. Welcome to Pixie, Artur!

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