Track time in Pixie with Clockify free time tracking software

Pixie integrates with Clockify free time tracking softwareTo track time, or not to track time...

It feels like one of the oldest and most disputed discussions in the accounting profession. 

If you don't track time, then you can stop reading here. Just note that Pixie will work exactly the same for you, only without any distracting time tracking features that you won't use.

If you do track time on tasks, then please keep reading...

We're really pleased to announce an integration with Clockify - a simple and 100% free time tracking & timesheet app for tracking hours against jobs and clients. 

With this integration, Pixie users are available to start and stop tracking time directly from tasks, at no extra cost.

If you want to install the Clockify time tracking integration for your Pixie account, here's what you need to do. 

  1. Create a free Clockify account here & verify via email
  2. Install the Clockify browser extension for Chrome or Firefox here
  3. Open your Pixie workspace and navigate to a task (ensure the extension is active beforehand)
  4. The Clockify button should be there at the top (see image below)

Pixie integrates with Clockify - free time tracking for accountants

Now, once you hit start time, it will start recording time using the name of the task. Once done, simply click stop timer and it will be automatically saved in your Clockify account. 

For existing customers, if you have any questions about this please reach out to support from inside your workspace. 

And if you're not yet a Pixie customer, why not start a 30-day free trial here. Within minutes you can have your Pixie workspace set up and your first tasks added ready to start tracking time.

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