Strengthen your workflows with checklists in Pixie

checklistHaving well documented processes and systems is crucial...

They ensure that:

  • Your team members always know how to do things (which means fewer questions, queries and mistakes end up back on your desk)
  • Delivery is consistent no matter who is completing the task (even if people are covering for each other)
  • Your processes are scalable (so if you bring more people in to manage more clients, the system won't break)

And when it comes to well documented processes, there's a certain 'C' word that can turn a note-on-a-napkin process into an expert guide...


Don't be fooled by their simplicity. Checklists are relied upon by leading surgeons and fighter-jet pilots to successfully complete their jobs. They give you the ability to break down tasks into a series of micro-steps, ensuring that people fully understand every step involved and nothing is missed when working in a hurry under pressure.

Which is why we're pleased that checklists are now available inside Pixie.

When creating subtasks, or steps in your workflows, you can add checklist steps in to provide more guidance on what needs to be ticked off and ensure that nobody in your team skips a step.

You can see them in action below...


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