Set custom sending hours for your auto-emails inside Pixie

custom hoursThis might sound a little counter-intuitive...

But automating client communication, and more specifically client emails, can be hugely beneficial to your firm.

It saves you time
instead of typing out the same emails over and over, you set the template up once and they get sent automatically.

You don't worry about forgetting to do it
The beauty of automation is doesn't take a day off.

It can improve client experience
Often relationships break down due to a lack of communication. With automation in place, there is always some communication happening. 

So in case you're now wondering, here are a few ways we see auto-emails being used:

  • At the start of workflows to request information from clients (which they can then directly upload into Pixie)
  • At the start of workflows to let clients know you're starting the job (instead of keeping them guessing)
  • At the end of workflows to request feedback or to ask for a review if they're happy with the work

All of which are great examples of improving client experience all whilst saving time and not having to think about hitting send.

And guess what, these emails don't look like auto-emails. They look like they were sent straight from your own email account (because in theory, they were...)

That said, these emails are only effective if they're sent at the right time.

An auto-email sent at 2am to a client is likely going to raise a few eyebrows...

Which is why we're over-the-god-damn-moon that you can now set custom sending hours for your auto-emails inside Pixie.

Don't want your emails to be sent before 9am? No problem, just select 9am from the dropdown list and nothing will be sent before.

In order to choose your custom sending hours, just head to Settings > Regional settings, and choose your custom email hours from the list.

custom hours for auto-emails in Pixie
For existing Pixie users, you should see this setting in your accounts now. And if you're not yet a Pixie user and you'd like to start using auto-emails in your workflows, then you can book a demo or start a free trial here.

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