Send emails to multiple clients or client types in Pixie

bulk emailsCommunication is key. 

And in accounting firms, we often need to be able to communicate with multiple clients or multiple client types at once.

  • Reminders about upcoming deadlines
  • Important tax updates
  • Changes in how to contact the firm

These are all examples of when you might need to send emails to multiple clients at once.

Which is why we're delighted that the option to bulk send emails is now live in Pixie.

In just a few clicks, you can send personalised emails to your clients or to groups of clients. Need to email all of your personal tax clients? No problem. Simply add a filter, write your email and hit send.

And the best part? These emails don't look like they were sent by a marketing intern in some ugly newsletter format. They look like they were sent with care, directly from your own inbox.

There's no need to keep paying for subscriptions to apps like Mailchimp to contact your clients. Everything can be done directly in Pixie, with the emails saved to your clients' records for future reference.

You can see the new mail merge feature in action below.


For existing users, this will be live in your Pixie accounts right now. If you have any questions, please contact us using the in-app support.

And if you're thinking about giving Pixie a try, then start a 30-day free trial here and get your first tasks, templates and emails set up in minutes.

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