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How Pixie helped Karen Kennedy to reduce the overwhelm of starting and growing a new firm

Learn how Pixie has helped Karen Kennedy to reduce overwhelm whilst growing her firm from 0 to 48 clients during lockdown

We recently caught up with Karen Kennedy, the Founder of Kennedy Accountancy based in the Scottish Highlands. We discussed how Karen has grown from 0 to 48 clients in 6 months (during a lockdown) and how Pixie has helped reduce her overwhelm. You can read or watch the full conversation below.


Tell us about yourself and your firm…

I started Kennedy Accountancy in October, right in the middle of a national lockdown. I’m based in the rural Scottish Highlands, and my niche is businesses in the local community. Since launching, I’ve grown from 0 to 48 clients in 6 months and have kept growing since.


That’s incredible. So what kind of challenges were you facing that made you look at practice management software?

I was growing too fast without a system in place, which meant I was pretty overwhelmed. I was fine for a while using post-it notes and spreadsheets everywhere, but with a high emphasis on service delivery, I didn’t want to miss anything. I tried to pre-empt this from becoming a much bigger problem.

They say that a messy office leads to a messy brain, and with lots of bits of paper in my office, at home, and on my phone, I was pretty stressed worrying about missing things for my clients.


What other tools did you try or consider whilst trying to get a system in place?

I originally wanted to go with Pixie, but a friend offered to help get me set up with Senta, which I tried for a while, but it’s not very intuitive and felt a bit overkill for me. It just felt like a massive job to get it up and running, so I kept putting it off and off.

Eventually, I came back to Pixie, and I haven’t looked back since. It shows that I should have gone with my gut in the first place!

I did have some concerns about the extra time and cost I’d invest in switching from one app to another, but I couldn’t use that as an excuse because I wasn’t getting things done in Senta. So I made the switch.


What has changed for you since using Pixie?

My overwhelm reduced dramatically. I can now go into Pixie and look at what’s coming up without feeling overwhelmed by a million different tasks. Its helped me to focus and encouraged good practices in me, like storing notes on client records after meetings.

The email integration helps me track what’s going in and out of jobs, and the Zapier integration with GoProposal has completely streamlined my onboarding process.


What would you say to anybody else thinking about using Pixie?

Just do it. Just because you’ve invested time and money into another app, that’s not a reason not to change. If you’re not happy with what you’re using (or rather not using), then not taking action to change that is insanity - because nothing will change if you don’t change what you’re doing.

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