Pixie in 2020 - high-level roadmap

Here we are, in 2020.

Wow. Time does fly. I'd like to start by thanking everyone on team Pixie (current and former) for the creativity and hard work that got us here. You rock!

And a word of appreciation for all the people around us who support and cheer us on. Without these two, I don't think we'd have managed to launch at all.

I also want to thank our incredible customers who are using Pixie on a daily basis and helping to shape the direction we move in. Without them it'd be pointless for us to do this. The feedback you share keeps us moving forward so that we can work together to achieve our goals. Thank you for choosing Pixie.

2019 was a really generous year for us:

  • Pixie launched publicly. In hindsight perhaps a bit too early, but we're better off because it helped us learn a great deal about how small practices are actually managed.
  • First paying customers. No business survives without customers.
  • Team grew with a couple of exceptional people joining us: Ricardo and Jordan.
  • And of course, tens of features - big and small - that found their way into the product since launching back in the Summer.

Now that said, this blog post is not about the past, but one about the future.


I'd like to share a high-level overview of what Team Pixie will be looking to achieve in the coming year.

For those who like to skim-read, here is the exec summary:

  1. Making it easier for you to get started
  2. Improvements to collaboration
  3. Opening Pixie up even more
  4. Business-y stuff

1. Making it easier for you to get started

The most frequent piece of feedback we got over the past months was that Pixie needs to be easier to get started.

We hear you loud and clear.

Because some of the changes are fundamental to the way Pixie is built, we do need a bit of time to make it right. But once this is done, we will have a more streamlined trial experience that lets you get started the minute you create an account. I'm hoping that the results of our work will start showing throughout the next couple of months.

2. Improvements to collaboration

Number two in our list is making team collaboration and team-client collaboration even easier.

This is likely to start landing in Spring. We're very happy with the balance between security and convenience of our client non-portal and we want to explore some ideas to let you securely ask for more things from clients than just files. For example sharing a checklist with the client for them to complete.

As for internal collaboration, I've been learning a fair bit about how distributed teams work in smaller practices. There are many good chat tools out there already, we won't go entirely in that direction. But there's still room to improve our team collaboration features in Pixie, like notifications and some internal discussions.

3. Opening Pixie up even more

Openness is a cultural value that we're keen to uphold. We keep finding ourselves asking how to open up Pixie more to the accountant app ecosystem.

Without giving too much away, there are a couple of things in our minds right now:

a) how can you insert Pixie into your existing tech-stack and keep as many existing systems in place as your want.

b) how can we support others deliver on top of Pixie and enjoy the economic upside of their creations.

This is a big bet for us. We'll be working on it for a few years. But there will be a bit of early experimentation in the coming year.

4. Business-y stuff

One thing I'm very, very happy with is how we stumbled upon a way to work with everyone being remote. Maybe we've just been very lucky, but for us the way forward is definitely one of a distributed team. I'm also excited to share the team will grow early in the year, with Dom joining us as tech lead.

And last but not least, we're hoping to make Pixie self-sustainable this year. As I mentioned a few times, we're in Pixie for the long-run. We want to make the business stand on its own two feet and hit that goal.

How about you?

Based on where your firm is in its journey, what goals do you think are achievable for 2020?

I'd love to hear about them and see whether Pixie can support you in achieving them. Get in touch with me here 👉 celso@usepixie.com

And of course, happy 2020! We're all rooting for you.

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