What's new in Pixie? Direct Xama integration, task labels in templates, links in custom fields and more!

Discover what's new in Pixie with our latest releases, changes, and updates...

Every day we're focused on making it even easier for you to take control of your clients, deadlines, and team.

Here are some of our latest releases, changes, and updates...

1. Direct integration with Xama

The first of many direct integrations to come!

Now you can streamline and automate your Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance even further with our direct integration with Xama.

You no longer need Zapier for the integration and everything can be managed from inside the Xama platform.

Read more about our integration and exclusive partner pricing.

2. Set default task labels in task templates

Now you have the option to set default task labels in your task templates, giving you even better visibility over work in your firm.

For example, if you have multiple bookkeeping templates, you can apply a 'bookkeeping' task label to them all, and then filter this in the work report for an instant pulse on the status of all your bookkeeping jobs.

3. Updates to custom client fields

We've always prioritised making it easy for you to add new custom client fields to your Pixie workspace. Here are 2 new updates to those:

  1. Numbered fields - you can now add negatives and decimals in numbered fields (great for payment amounts)
  2. Clickable URLS - you can now add clickable URLS as fields (great for links to other apps e.g. Xero, Dext, or anything else)

Learn more about our CRM and custom fields here.

4. Improved email functionality

Our integrated email inbox is one of our most popular features, allowing you to manage your email in the same place you manage your work, clients, and deadlines.

Now with our improved email functionality we've made it even easier to:

  • Create adhoc tasks from emails
  • Link emails to existing jobs, and
  • Associate emails with multiple client records

Watch this short video for an overview of how our email integration works.

If you're an existing Pixie customer ,please keep putting forward your ideas and voting for features you'd like to see in our Roadmap (just click 'Get help' inside your workspace).

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