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How The Back Office Company saves hours every day with Pixie

How The Back Office Company saves hours every day with Pixie

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an extra couple of hours in every day? Imagine all the things you could get done.

No, you don’t need to invest in a Tardis or a Time-Turner.
You simply need to implement the right business tools to streamline your workload and make things easier for your team.

That is what Rosey Tecklenburg from The Back Office Company did when she implemented Pixie into her business. Allowing for easier job organisation and team communication, Pixie is saving Rosey a couple of hours every single day. Here’s how:

Before: Time-consuming processes
As the Operations Manager of an incredibly busy bookkeeping company, Rosey knows how imperative it is to have an overview of what her team are working on so that nothing slips through the cracks. Likewise, she needs a clear picture of where each client is at.

“We needed a central system that showed us everything about our clients and deadlines, but also what tasks our team were working on.

"We use Xero Business Manager for timekeeping and reporting. But, I just find it too heavy for a bookkeeping business. I don’t have the luxury of time to step in and try and work it all out. When we heard about Pixie from Brad at the ICNZB conference, it sounded so simple to use. And it is!“

After: Streamlined systems
When you have clients to service and a team to run, you don’t want to waste time doing tasks manually. Nor do you want to follow up with each team member individually to check what they are working on. Rather, the focus should be on delivering the best possible service to your client.

And focusing on their clients is exactly what Pixie allows Rosey and her team to do.

“Pixie keeps all the important information for each client in one place. It helps us track the client journey right from inquiry, proposal acceptance and onboarding, through to the work we complete for them.

"Pixie has helped us to streamline our workflows and set checklists for common processes. You can set your own workflows and factor in your time when setting tasks for myself and the team.”

The benefits of having the right business tools

When you have the right business tools in place, you can achieve amazing things for your business, both within your team and for your clients.

“As soon as a client contacts us by email, the info is immediately transferred into Pixie. Then, any email they ever send us is captured under their client record. Pixie captures the files that were sent to clients and within our team, it picks up email attachments and automatically uploads them to the client record.

"Pixie is a great tool for planning your business workload. It helps us to work more collaboratively as a team as we are all looking at the same information in one centralised place. As soon as an email comes in, I can create a task and assign it to one of the team. I can include notes or comments to elaborate if I need to.

"Personally, for me as an Operations Manager, Pixie probably saves me a couple of hours a day without even using all the functions yet. It’s is a really good affordable alternative to what’s out there in the market. And as it is early days for Pixie, I’m sure it will only get better from here!”

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