Personalise your emails (even more) with custom placeholders in Pixie

email placeholdersPersonalising your client communication is key...

You need to ensure that your clients have all of the correct information that they need in order to respond to a question or to provide you with missing info. For example, if they have multiple companies that you manage the accounts for, they need to know which one you're referring to. 

This is easy when sending emails manually (although it's a huge time drain). But when sending emails in bulk, or automated as part of a workflow, can be a challenge if the data isn't available. 

Which is why in Pixie, you now have the ability to include custom placeholders within your emails, to personalise your communication even further. 

This could include so the client knows which of their 3 limited companies you're requesting bookkeeping info for, or it could be something more customised for example their or any other custom fields you want to set up for your clients. 

For every custom field you create and add to your client records, a corresponding email placeholder will be created to include it in any outgoing emails.

These additional placeholders are available when:

  • Sending bulk emails to clients or groups of clients
  • Setting up email templates for manual and automated emails in your workflows

You can see an example of an automated email with these placeholders for a bookkeeping workflow below.

pixie placeholder email

For existing Pixie customers, if you have any questions about using these placeholders, please reach out to us using the in-app support. 

And if you're not currently using Pixie, start your 30-day free trial here and get your first automated emails set up in minutes.

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