Announcing the Pixie workflow template library

Discover our all-new workflow template library. A go-to resource for accounting & bookkeeping firms to find workflow templates to get started fast!

Since the earliest days here at Pixie, I wanted one its core principles to be helping you get started in minutes.

After hundreds of conversations with small accountancy firm owners,  it became clear how challenging it is to find the time to write down the detailed processes and workflows for any firm. We all know it should be done mind you, but in practice it's really hard to find the time for it. Inevitably client service takes priority.

And this is why Pixie comes with a small set of templates designed to help you hit the ground running. At least for the most common tasks.

However today we're taking that to the next level.  I'd like to share we're launching Pixie's workflow template library!

You can access the library via usepixie.com/workflows

In the library you will find Pixie templates that leverage decades of knowledge from peers and partners, on efficient and effective processes.

The templates available today range from James Ashford's amazing Effortless Sales System, to a Birthday card reminder from us here at Pixie.

You will also find a number of templates from partner apps, that will help you deliver the services they enable, even if you aren't well acquainted with their systems.

I am incredibly excited for what this library already enables and there will be much more to come. Use these to improve your processes or to start offering new services to clients.

I would like to thank all the people that kindly partnered with us and contributed to make Pixie's template library a reality.

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