Add custom tags to jobs and tasks in Pixie

task status"Are we waiting on something from this client?"

"Has this job been reviewed yet?"

"This one is now overdue, we really need to get it done!"

Do you ever find yourself asking these questions?

Well, ask no longer...

With our new custom tags feature, you can easily manage the status and stage of all your tasks.

Whether that's overdue, waiting on the client, or with the outsourcing team, the possibilities are endless.

Better yet, you can use the tag as filters when searching for tasks on your own to-do list or in the whole firms work report.

Want to see a list of all of your personal tax clients that you're still chasing for info? No problem, it's just a search away.

Here's a video explaining how it works...


For existing Pixie users, you should be able to manage your own custom tags in your accounts now. If you have any questions, please contact us using the in-app support.

And if you're not yet a Pixie customer, then please book a demo with us here or start a free trial to get started yourself.

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