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9 key growth drivers for accounting & bookkeeping firms

Learn about the 9 key profit drivers for accountants & bookkeepers and the systems you need to implement them into your firm

If you’re reading this and you’ve ever thought to yourself…

  • I wish I could win more ‘ideal clients’ - the ones I really enjoy working with
  • I wish my clients would pay me what I’m worth (not what I think they’ll say yes to)
  • I wish I could generate more new clients on a consistent basis

...then there’s a chance you don’t have a strong enough grip over your client acquisition.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone…

Many firms could benefit from taking more control over the way that they generate new clients, but instead they’re reliant on word of mouth referrals and haphazard marketing activities that sometimes work, and sometimes don’t. 

According to Amanda C. Watts, Marketing & Sales trainer for accountants & bookkeepers, if you want to take control of your client acquisition, and the overall growth and profitability of your practice, then there are 9 key drivers that you need to focus on.

The 9 key growth drivers

The 9 key drivers are:

  1. Get more leads
  2. Convert more leads into clients
  3. Get clients to spend more (increasing the pricing of your accounting services)
  4. Getting clients to spend more often
  5. Get clients to remain clients for longer
  6. Pricing for maximum profit
  7. Reduce variable costs
  8. Reduce fixed costs
  9. Systemise Everything

So what happens when you don’t focus on these drivers? Well, a few issues and problems can start to arise.

Slow lead generation, converting the ‘wrong’ clients, finding that your clients are being lured away by other accountants & bookkeepers - these are all symptoms that you might need to spend more time focused on these key drivers.

So how do you do it?

If you want to learn about the key systems & tech you need to implement these 9 key profit drivers into your accounting or bookkeeping firm, then check out the ‘Marketing & Tech For Accountants & Bookkeepers’ workshop below… 

In this practical workshop, Amanda C. Watts will share with you the key marketing systems and technology you need to attract & convert your ideal clients.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The tools that we and our clients use every day to put marketing on autopilot
  • The exact systems you need in place to get clients on demand
  • The processes you need to stay in touch with your prospects and close 85% more opportunities

BONUS - In this session you'll receive a free workflow template for writing and sharing conversion content for social media.

You can access the recordings and bonus workflow templates here. 

This workshop was part of The Systems & Workflow Bootcamp, a half-day training sharing the essential systems small firms need to save time and streamline your processes. Other sessions include Pricing with James Ashford, Onboarding with Pixie, and Advisory with Fathom. You can access them all here.

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