5 ways to reduce email overwhelm with Pixie

Email is one of the biggest productivity killers for business owners... And accountants are no different. Despite all the innovative and unique means of co

Email is one of the biggest productivity killers for business owners...

And accountants are no different.

Despite all the innovative and unique means of communication that we now have access to, email remains one of the most popular.

Every day you log in to your laptop or computer and you're greeted by the oh-so-familiar sign of email after email after email.

So, if we can't beat it, let's figure out a way to spend less time in our inboxes and more time working productively.

Here are 5 ways to reduce email overwhelm from directly inside Pixie.

1. Delegate it to your team members

As the practice owner, you can sometimes be the person clients want to reach out to first. After all, you started the relationship with them.

What this usually means though is that you receive lots of client queries direct to your inbox, that your team members could quite easily take care of.

Can you help me find my HMRC code? Which Xero category should I put this invoice in? I'm sure you've heard them all before...

In Pixie, delegating emails to your team members is literally one click away.

delegate email

Once done, it appears in their priority inbox (more on that in a second!) ready for them to action.

2. Automatically prioritised inbox

There's nothing worse than opening up your emails first thing in the morning to find 47 unread emails.

Some of them are important ones from clients, you just don't know which. They're lost between emails from suppliers, team members and people selling lead gen services for accountants (we feel your pain!)

In Pixie, this overwhelming list of emails doesn't exist.

Instead, when you open your app, you have 2 inboxes:

1. Priority - any emails from clients, or related to jobs in progress land in this folder here so you can focus on what's important

2. Other - and everything else lands in here

Prioritised inbox

This means you'll never be sifting through your inbox to find important client emails again.

Which brings me nicely onto the next point...

3. Emails are linked directly to jobs and clients

How many times have you been in the middle of completing something for a client, and suddenly you can't remember something so you go hunting through your email inbox to try and find what they had told you?

It happens. Just not in Pixie...

When clients email you, these emails get logged directly on their record for you or anybody in your team to see at a later date.

Better yet, you can log emails to specific tasks. So instead of jumping from one app to another, and spending time searching, you simply click from one tab to another and the email you need is right there.

email task 1

The same thing works for files in Pixie. Any documents that your clients send you via email get automatically saved in the files tab on the clients record and on the specific job. It's complete visibility for you and your team members.

4. Turn emails into tasks

Sometimes when clients email in with questions, they might not be related to a specific job, and it might not be something you can take care of right away so you leave it unread in your inbox.

The danger here is that you accidentally forget to mark it as unread, or accidentally mark it as read, and as a result don't respond.

With Pixie, emails will never fall through the cracks again.

Straight from the email itself, you have the ability to turn it into a task that gets added to your to-do list immediately. Once it's there, it ain't going anywhere until you mark it as complete.

email task

Once it's added, you can set a different due date, delegate it to a team member in task form or apply an existing job template if it's something you already have a workflow for.

5. Archive and mark as done

There's no greater feeling than clearing your inbox and getting things done.

That's why in Pixie we've made it as easy as possible to archive emails by just clicking 'mark as done' next to the email.

email done

Once done, the email is archived in both Pixie and your email provider, but it will still be available on the clients record and on specific jobs if it has been added.

Is your email inbox overwhelming?

Do you find yourself unable to get on top of the never-ending pile of emails?

Email isn't going away any time soon. So why not use a system that helps to alleviate some of that pressure and help you to work more productively.

In less than 4 minutes you can have your email account connected, and your first emails delegated, turned into tasks, added to clients or marked as done.

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