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5 time tracking software for accounting firms

There was once a time where completing a timesheet involved putting pen to paper... Or quill to parchment, it depends how far back you want to go. Anyway..

There was once a time where completing a timesheet involved putting pen to paper...

Or quill to parchment, it depends how far back you want to go. Anyway...

Nowadays, timesheets tend to live online in live documents, which means that the tools we use to track time have also evolved into online apps.

By using these time tracking apps, you can accurately track the time that you and your team spend on tasks and jobs, helping you to understand key things such as efficiency and profitability, as well as make decisions around billing.

So with that in mind, here are 5 time tracking apps for accountants to use...

1. TSheets

With over 20,000 5-star reviews, TSheets is one of the leading time tracking apps for accounting firms.

Since being acquired by Intuit in 2018, TSheets has a robust integration with Quickbooks, with features such as GPS time tracking, job and shift scheduling, and streamlined payroll and invoicing.

Its features include:

  • Time tracking across multiple devices
  • Employee scheduling
  • Robust project management
  • GPS and geofencing
  • Smart reporting

Pricing starts at $8 per user, per month and comes with a 14-day free trial.

You can read more about Tsheets here.

2. Toggl

Toggl is simple time tracking software, with powerful reporting.

But don't let its simplicity fool you, it comes packed full of features such as idle detection and tracking reminders that make it a tool worth checking out!

Its features include:

  • One click timers to make tracking easy
  • Tracking reminders
  • Manual time entries and calendar integration
  • Project dashboard and billable rates

Toggl has a free plan for simple time tracking for teams of up to 5 people. Beyond that it starts from $9 per user, per month depending which plan you choose.

You can see Toggl in action here.

3. Clockify

Clockify is the "only truly free time tracker for teams".

Yes, that's right, it's 100% free.

So what's the catch? Well, nothing...

Just like other software you'll see in this list, Clockify lets you track billable hours, productivity and attendance with an extremely simple and easy to use time tracker and timesheet. You can take a whistle-stop tour of the product here.

Its features include:

  • Simple time tracking and timesheet
  • Dashboard and flexible reporting (with excel export option)
  • Project management with estimates and rates
  • Works across multiple devices

And the best part? Clockify integrates directly with Pixie, which means you can track time directly from tasks inside Pixie without having to leave the app. How good is that?

4. Harvest

We know that time and money are the currency of business.

Well over the last ten years, businesses using Harvest have tracked 400 million hours and received $13 billion dollars from paid invoices, which makes them the real deal when it comes to time tracking.

If you're looking for another time tracking app for your accounting firm packed full of insights, then Harvest might be for you.

Its features include:

  • Easy time and expense tracking
  • Visual summaries of where your team spend their time
  • Project management supported by visual reports
  • Invoicing

Pricing is $12 per person, per month and comes with a fully functional 30-day free trial.

You can see how Harvest works here.

5. Timecamp

Last but by no means least, Timecamp is a feature rich time tracker that can give you clarity and end reporting headaches.

With features such as automatic time tracking based on domains, and productivity tracking, you can see why its trusted by 18,000 teams all over the world.

Its features include:

  • Team performance tracking
  • Project profitability
  • Productivity tracking
  • Billing and invoicing
  • One click approvals

Pricing starts at $5.25 per user, per month and comes with a free trial.

You can find out more about Timecamp here.

Which time tracking software will you choose for your accounting firm?

So there you have it. 5 simple yet robust time tracking apps to help you manage where time is (and isn't) being spent in your accounting firm.

If you track time in your firm (and I'm assuming you do otherwise you've read all this way for what?) then having a time tracking app that is easy for you and your team to use, and gives you the insights and reporting that you need to make decisions is key.

Choose one, implement it, and get it working for your firm.

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