26 Lessons These Practice Owners Learnt When Growing Their Business

pixie bartLearning from other people can be really powerful...

Especially when it comes to learning from people that are in the same boat as you and are trying to achieve similar things.

So we asked 26 different practice owners what some are some of the biggest lessons they've learnt over the years through starting, running and growing their own accounting & bookkeeping firms.

Here's what they said...

  1. A quality team is essential - especially for when you want to start delegating
  2. Make sure that your business can run without you
  3. Recruit based on fit, not ability
  4. Learn how to evolve and continuously improve over time
  5. Don't get caught up as an employee - you can't do everything
  6. Love what you do
  7. Use software in your own business first before going to market with it
  8. Perfection doesn't exist - if you have an idea, run with it
  9. Be prepared to go through periods of investment and sacrifice
  10. Don't stress if prospects say no
  11. Always look for ways of doing things better
  12. You can't be both the visionary and the integrator - split the roles
  13. Don't underestimate people - stand your ground
  14. Get support when you need it. There's lots out there
  15. Marketing is vital
  16. People management is the hardest thing in any business
  17. Look after yourself and don't let work take over
  18. Mental offloading - find a way of parking things to revisit them later
  19. Set and manage your clients expectations very carefully
  20. Don't follow the crowd - have your own ideas
  21. You don't need every piece of software
  22. Different people value things differently - so price accordingly
  23. Make it easy for your clients to pay you!
  24. Set clear targets and revisit them regularly
  25. Don't discount just because other people do
  26. Don't be afraid to change things if they're not working

And there you have it... 26 different lessons learnt by 26 different practice owners over the years from starting, running and growing their own accounting firms.

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