Automate your workflow and become a truly digital firm

Pixie automations save you time and ensure you never miss another deadline. Integrations with your favourite cloud apps keeps your data in sync.

Auto-schedule recurring jobs

Pixie lets you stay ahead of deadlines by setting up recurring jobs. Use our ready-made templates or fine-tune them to meet your needs.

All jobs have checklists to make it clear what step comes next, ensuring your team are all following the same process.
Auto-scheduled tasks in the practice management software for accountants

Keep your clients in the loop

Strengthen your client relationships. Let them know jobs have started or completed without any extra work. Automatically remind them to submit information to you.

You can configure workflows to automatically send semi-personalised emails to your clients. Customise these email templates to create a consistent voice for your firm.
Send automatic email notifications to clients with the practice management software for accountants

Smart logging

Important emails shouldn’t get lost in your inbox. Pixie saves you hours of sifting through your emails. It tracks all client and job related correspondence. With no extra effort emails get logged in the right records. Even future responses and emails sent outside of Pixie!
Single source of information in the practice management software for accountants

Keep your systems in sync

We believe in the power of open platforms.

Through Zapier, you can connect your Pixie workspace to thousands of other cloud apps such as Xero, Quickbooks or Practice Ignition.

Our integration lets you receive and send data, and trigger workflows in other systems. It helps you create a single source of truth for client data, keeping everything in sync.

Link thousands of other apps with the practice management software for accountants

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Common questions

How much time do I need to spend setting up Pixie?

From “none” to “as much as you’d like.'' Pixie was designed to get you started quickly. Once you connect Pixie to your inbox, you can create clients and jobs based on those emails. As you get more comfortable with the platform, you can explore our automations, customise templates, etc.

Can I start jobs in Pixie from other apps?

Yes, with Zapier you can further automate your practice so that, for example, when a proposal is accepted in Practice Ignition, a client is created in Pixie and a Client Onboarding job is started.

Are emails sent with my iPhone/Android also logged in Pixie?

Yes, Pixie also tracks email you send using other email apps, ensuring they are logged in the right clients and jobs.

How does Pixie update other apps?

Whenever the details of a client or a contact are updated in Pixie you can use Zapier to update the corresponding records in other systems like Mailchimp or Xero. With this, you change the client details in one place and get it updated everywhere without additional effort.

Can I change deadlines in auto-scheduled jobs?

Yes. Pixie’s default behaviour is to calculate a deadline based on the duration of a task or a job. You can always change it, or simply put the job on snooze for another time.